Doosan’s first camp conductor Lee Seung-yeop, why did he become an unintentional ‘food alone mania’?

Correspondent Jang Kang-hoon] Meticulous. Enjoy ‘Honbap’. I don’t condescend with the players. It is not a sense of authority. It is a consideration to avoid the director’s surveillance (?) even during mealtime. Actually, he makes this excuse and that excuse. It’s easy to guess why Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop earned the nickname ‘The Pleasant Gentleman’.

Coach Lee, who leads the spring camp at the Blacktown International 온라인바카라 Baseball Center (Blacktown Stadium) in Australia, watches the players calmly and calmly. Since it is at the very beginning of the camp, they are focusing on observation rather than intervention to the extent that it can be seen as a kind of search battle. He is good at camouflage(?) enough to look like one of the players unless he is holding a fungo bat in so-called ‘farmer fashion’ during base running training where all fielders participate.

When training begins, he melts into the space of the pitchers, and when the bullpen pitches are over, he enters the gap between running and defense training. By this time, the morning training is over, and from this point on, I sit in the spectator’s seat near the headquarters of the Blacktown Stadium and perform the backlog (?). On the 2nd, Hanwha legend pitcher Koo Dae-seong (54), who lives in Australia, visited and chatted. It happened (?) It was lunch time, so I ate later than the players.

On the 4th, when I started the second turn, I watched batting practice during lunch. In most camps, it is common for the catcher to practice batting with early work and then digest training such as bullpen, defense, and tactics. However, for the first three days of Doosan, the catcher team did defense and bullpen training in the morning, and then rotated with fielders during batting training that started after lunch. Coach Lee, who was concerned about the physical burden of the catchers, organized batting training for the catchers on the last day of morning training.

Coach Lee, who was watching the catchers batting drills from the stands, said, “From today, the schedule for each position has changed a little.” You can eat it after training,” he said. On this day, director Lee had a late lunch.

This was the third day of official training at Blacktown Stadium. Coach Lee did not sit down with the player for three days. When asked about his intentions, he smiled and said, “I had a lot of work.” You shouldn’t act,” he chuckled. It may be a search match or a so-called ‘time of shyness’, but for the players, it is also the only ‘free time’ that is pushed out of the coach’s attention. This is the only consideration that coach Lee can give to the team during high-intensity training. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is a consideration that even the players will learn by the end of the camp.

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