Doosan Handball Coach Yoon Kyung-shin “Expected win… Challenge for the first professional champion”

 Doosan Handball coach Yoon Kyung-shin couldn’t hide his joy at the unexpected victory.

Doosan, led by coach Yoon Kyung-shin, won the 2022-2023 SK Handball Korea League championship match (3 matches, 2 wins) against Incheon City Corporation in the third match held at the SK Handball Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 9th, 27-26.

Doosan, who won the championship with 2 wins after 1 loss, has maintained the top position for 8 consecutive seasons since the 2015 season, solidifying its position as the strongest.

Coach Yoon, who took office as Doosan’s head coach in December 2012, said, “I heard a lot that it would be difficult to win the championship this season, as close to 40% of the players have changed.” Thanks for that, we even achieved a unified victory,” he said.

At Media Day, which opened in November of last year, the coaches of the other five clubs pointed out Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation or SK Hawks as candidates for the championship, predicting that Doosan would step down from power.

Director Yoon confessed, “I always heard from other teams before the opening, ‘Down with Doosan,’ but this year, they said ‘Down with Incheon.”

He said, “At that time, it was difficult to keep hands and feet together because the players changed a lot,” and “I thought it would get better as the season progressed, but the players followed hard.”메이저놀이터

Professional baseball Doosan Bears advanced to the Korean series from 2015 to 2021, but in the 2022 season, they could not play ‘fall baseball’ and took a breather.

Coach Yoon said, “From the last game of the 3rd round to the beginning of the 4th round, the crisis was over.” said.

In particular, he praised, “Kim Min-gyu came in as a training player, and he is proud of his growth and receiving the rookie award.”

The Korea Handball Association is promoting the launch of a professional league from the 2023-2024 season.

Director Yoon said, “I hope that handball becomes a pro, so more fans can come to the gym and breathe together.”

On the other hand, Doosan Lee Han-sol, who became the MVP of the championship match on the day, said, “I thought it would be difficult at the beginning of the season because the players have changed a lot, but the new players quickly adapted, so there was a synergistic effect.” If you call me, I will go in and play hard.”

Lee Han-sol said, “I couldn’t take good care of my body because my son was born two months ago, but the coach and wife were considerate, so I was able to finish the season with good results.”

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