Do you remember the ‘dramatic defense’ against Milan?…”Kim Min-jae, I will make the fans go crazy again”

Kim Min-jae reunites with AC Milan. 카지노

Napoli will play the 28th round of Italian Serie A in the 2022-23 season with AC Milan at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona in Naples, Italy at 3:45 am (Korean time) on the 3rd of next month. Currently, Napoli lead the league with 71 points, while AC Milan are in fourth place with 48 points.

Napoli will play the first game after the A-match break in March. Napoli is aiming for the league title for the first time in 33 years since the 1989-90 season. The chances of winning are very high. With 11 games remaining, they are ahead of second place Lazio by 19 points. It was caught by Lazio earlier this month, but it is riding a good flow by running 2 consecutive league victories again.

Kim Min-jae will also play as Napoli’s key defender again. Kim Min-jae stood at the center of the controversy during the A match. Speculation arose that the interview after the game against Uruguay might indicate his retirement. In response, Kim Min-jae explained, “When he was included in the national team list, when he started a game, he never took it for granted. He gave everything and ran to death.”

We can focus on Naples for the time being. The next national team call-up period is in June after the season ends. Kim Min-jae had an outstanding performance in his first match against AC Milan this season. Kim Min-jae, who faced AC Milan in the 7th round of Serie A, led the team to a 2-1 victory with impressive defense, including 11 clearings, 4 ball interceptions, 3 successful tackles, and 4 successful aerial contests.

In particular, right before the end of the game, he showed the lake rain. In the 6th minute of extra time in the second half, AC Milan striker Brahim Dias attempted a header, but Kim Min-jae raised his foot high and blocked the ball. At the time, ‘Arena Napoli’, a Naples source, praised Kim Min-jae, saying, “Kim Min-jae gave a miracle with martial arts defense. He proved again that he is an ideal replacement for Kalidou Koulibaly.”

‘Il Napoli Online’, which delivers the news of Napoli ahead of the second match against AC Milan, said, “Kim Min-jae saved Napoli from a crisis by blocking Diaz’s header in the first match against AC Milan. And it made the fans go crazy. Now, Kim Min-jae is ready to elicit admiration once again.”

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