‘Different ending from Jorginho’ Kante, stays at Chelsea … Possible up to 4 years

N’Golo Kante, who will continue to accompany Chelsea.토토사이트

Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante is on the verge of a contract extension. He is said to be available for up to a four-year contract.

Kante’s future was uncertain as his contract with Chelsea expires at the end of this season. The stigma of ‘glass body’ continues this season as well. He injured his hamstring in August of last year, and dreamed of returning in October, but ended up on the operating table. His recovery period was extended for another 4 months.

Continuous injury, age over 30 s. He looked unlikely to extend his contract with Jorginho. Jorginho left for Arsenal in January, and Chelsea even brought in a rookie midfielder in the name of Enso Fernandes. It seemed that there was no place for Kante to stand anymore.

But Kante wanted to stay at Chelsea. He started looking for a compromise with Chelsea. The British media ‘Telegraph’ reported that it is certain that a contract between Chelsea and Kante will be concluded soon. In the current situation, it is unclear whether it will be a 1-year option for 2 years, a 1-year option for 3 years, or a 3-year contract, but the contract itself is virtually confirmed. Kante is known to favor the longest possible contract over anything else. Chelsea are reluctant to sign long-term contracts with veteran players, but they seem to recognize the value of Kante’s existence.

Kante has recently returned to training and is expected to improve his fitness in time for the Champions League Round of 16 second leg against Dortmund next month.

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