Denying the allegations until the end, that’s why Lee Cheon-woong is even more reprehensible… Did you think you could cover the sky?

I couldn’t cover the sky with my palms. He strongly denied the first illegal gambling charges, but when he was cornered, he confessed the fact. That’s why Lee Chun-woong is more reprehensible.

On the 14th, the LG Twins said, “Recently, we conducted several interviews and self-investigation regarding the fact that Lee Chun-woong was involved in an internet gambling case requested by the prosecution to investigate by the KBO.” officially announced.

On the 31st of last month, two major bad news broke out one day before the opening of the regular season. One is that Jang Jeong-seok, former KIA Tigers general manager, asked for ‘back money’ in the process of discussing an extension contract with Park Dong-won, who was about to acquire FA (free agent) qualifications during last season. KIA immediately held its own reward and punishment committee and decided to dismiss general manager Jang Jeong-seok.

And another bad thing was illegal gambling. Last month, the KBO received a report about illegal internet gambling involving a player from a club in the metropolitan area. This fact became known through a media report on March 31, the day before the opening game. While acknowledging the facts reported at the time, the KBO was cautious about illegal gambling. Because I needed to know the truth. 먹튀검증

At the time, rumors circulated that Lee Cheon-woong was the protagonist of illegal internet gambling. However, Lee Chun-woong strongly denied the fact. LG, which had no right to investigate due to the strong denial of the allegation, had no choice but to believe Lee Cheon-woong’s words, and not only included Lee Chun-woong in the roster for the opening game, but also hired him until the Gocheok Kiwoom Heroes match on the 5th.

On the 4th, the KBO reviewed and discussed the investigation committee regarding the illegal gambling report received at the Clean Baseball Center, and requested the prosecution to investigate on the 5th. Then, prior to the game on the 6th, LG canceled Lee Chun-woong from the first team. Lee Chun-woong, who had strongly denied the charges of online illegal gambling, admitted the fact on the 12th during an interview and investigation by LG.

After Lee Chun-woong confessed the truth, LG disclosed the fact and announced an apology from CEO Kim In-seok. CEO Kim In-seok said, “I sincerely apologize for disappointing fans with Lee Chun-woong’s act of illegal internet gambling.” I deeply feel the responsibility for management.”

When Lee Chun-woong’s illegal gambling charges were filed with the KBO Clean Baseball Center, the credibility of the report was not very high. However, the KBO never took the report lightly, and as a result of actively moving, it made Lee Cheon-woong admit to illegal gambling. If there was no report and the KBO did not respond strongly, Lee Chun-woong would have lived hiding the fact for the rest of his life without feeling guilty.

According to Article 151 of the KBO Rules, ‘Damaging Dignity’, gambling (gambling, illegal Internet gambling, etc.) is specified as ‘suspension of participating activities for more than one month, suspension of participation in more than 30 games, or a penalty of more than 3 million won’. While Lee Chun-woong admitted to the charges of illegal gambling on the Internet, the disciplinary action cannot be avoided. Discipline may be more severe.

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