‘Dad’s a Butler, Son’s a Yokichi’ Gim Joo-chan “Basketball, it’s so much fun”

It was a tournament that created precious memories for basketball fathers and sons.

The ’27th Gyeonggi-do Governor’s Life Sports Basketball Tournament’ was held in Gimpo City, Gyeonggi-do on the 10th and 11th. The tournament, which was held as a city-county competition, is a living sports basketball tournament representing Gyeonggi-do. A total of 75 teams in five categories (youth division/secondary division 1, 2/high school division 1, 2/college division) united through basketball.

As the tournament was held at home, Gimpo athletes in each category showed their skills and passion on the court.

Mr. Kim Joo-chan (Sky Light 5), who represented the Gimpo Youth Division, also had a great game representing the city with his brothers.

“My dad taught me how to play basketball, and I started playing in a club because it was fun. I really enjoy playing basketball when I practice my newly learned skills and succeed in the game,” he said. Mr. Kim’s father, Mr. Kim Chan-yeol, is also currently active in club basketball in Gimpo City. It’s a basketball family.안전놀이터

Gimpo fought back from a deficit in the quarterfinals against Hwaseong to reach the semifinals. Mr. Kim was at the center of it all.

“When we were losing by 10 points, I was worried and nervous that we would lose the game like this. I missed a free throw at the crucial moment, but it felt good to break through confidently at the no-mark chance at the end. I thought about what I had learned and moved as I thought, so it was really good to succeed,” he said. “In fact, they say that if you win, you get to have dinner, so we were able to win with the power of dinner,” he laughed.

“At first, when I said that I was going to compete with my brothers, I was worried that it would be a hindrance, and I also felt some pressure because I was representing Gimpo City, but it was a fun and good experience. I am grateful that Chairman Koo Jeong-ho and Mr. Jang Dong-young all looked at me well. Next year, when I enter the sixth grade, I want to revenge Namyangju and win the championship,” he said. In the tournament, Gimpo City’s youth team lost to Namyangju City in the semifinals.

Kim first picked up a basketball at the urging of his father. Since then, he has been having fun, learning and enjoying the game more than anyone else.

“I wanted my son to learn social skills through team sports, so I wanted to introduce him to basketball. If he wanted to play, I would support him, but he said he didn’t want to play,” said Kim Chan-yeol, his father. “It was great to organize and host such a big event in the community. It was a good memory not only for my son but also for my family, and I am grateful to all the coaches, including Chairman Koo Jeong-ho and Mr. Jang Dong-young, for teaching basketball so well and in a fun way.”

Finally, the father and son looked forward to Game 5 of the NBA Finals, which will be held on the 13th. The father is rooting for Jimmy Butler and the son is rooting for Nikola Jokic.

“I like Jokic, and I hope Denver wins at home tomorrow,” said Kim Joo-chan, while Kim Chan-yeol, the father, said, “I want to see more of Jimmy Jordan (Butler’s nickname). I think Miami will win Game 5, so I want to see more of Miami’s basketball.” The interview ended with a smile.

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