Covers ‘Daegu’s Strongest Ace’ in the National Prestigious High School Baseball Records in March

The aces of Daegu’s three schools will collide head-on in the nationally prestigious high school baseball competition that opens in March. The high school baseball season begins in March. After the Winter League, which is a practice game held in each region in February, returns to school in March and begins preparations for the season in earnest. The National Prestigious High School Baseball Championship held in Busan is the first tournament.

According to the baseball world on the 5th, Daegu is a hot area that professiona 스포츠토토l baseball fans should watch closely. An official from the local club A said, “Seoul is always the strongest, and other than that, power goes around and around in each province. Overall, Daegu looks the best.” There is no choice but to be very interested in the aces representing Daegu.

If you pick three pitchers representing Daegu in 2023, you can pick Jeon Mi-re from Gyeongbuk High School, Lim Sang-hyeon from Daegu Sangwon High School, and Kim Min-hoon (above 3rd graders) from Daegu High School. All are candidates for the pro nomination.

The player who is receiving the most attention is Jeon Mir (18). He is gradually improving his condition in the current Daegu League. He is the main player who led Gyeongbuk High School to the quarterfinals in E-Mart last year. Daejeon High School’s winning pitcher Song Yeong-jin (SSG) faced off and won. He boasts a four-seam of up to 145 km, good control, and the ability to use breaking balls.

He is also the best Lee Do-ryu (both pitching player) among the top-ranked players. An official from the provincial team B who visited the Winter League said, “He is a pitcher who deserves a lot of attention this season. He has just started throwing the ball and his speed is still disappointing, but he is a pitcher with good control and management skills, so I think he will be a candidate for the first round.” said.

Lim Sang-hyeon (18) was actually able to get a little more attention, but it is a case covered by Jeon Mir. However, he is an ace pitcher who has led Sangwon High School in Daegu since freshman year. It is a secret weapon brought by director Kim Seung-gwan from Gumi. He has been active as a main pitcher since freshman year. He has the ability to consistently throw 145 km with the highest velocity. He also has good curves. What is regrettable about him is that there are ups and downs in the 9th ball.

He possesses a fast ball that overwhelms opponents, but also has the disadvantage of occasionally shaking his ball. However, given that he possesses both a fast ball and a fighting chicken temperament, he is currently the highest ranked pitcher at Sangwon High School in Daegu with a high possibility of entering the pros. Another club official said, “If you have to question, he is a pitcher with a similar style to Busan High School’s Won Sang-hyun (18). I think he has a good chance of being nominated as a pro.”

Kim Min-hoon (18) has less recognition than them, but his skills are not inferior. Of the three, the 2022 record is the best. Daegu High’s 2022 was dominated by Roun Lee (19 SSG) and Jungwoon Kim (19 kt), but the role of sophomore Minhoon Kim was also great. He had 21 walks and 60 strikeouts in 47.2 innings in 2022. The expectation is so high that Daegu High School head coach Sohn Kyung-ho declared that he would spare the team during the winter league as much as possible.

A series of baseball matches at prestigious national high schools may be his first starting point. However, he still has some regrets by professional standards. He has good control, but he is not tall and his speed is relatively slow. He recorded the highest distance of 141 km as of last year. It seems that the key to being nominated as a pro this season will be how much speed and pitch he raises. The National Prestigious High School Baseball Championship, which celebrated its 10th this year, will be held at Hyundai Motor Dream Ball Park in Gijang, Busan from March 8.

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