Contrary to expectations, all 7 teams were nominated, “Overall skills are good” First Aqua Draft Anticipation UP

Expectations are growing to see the introduction of the first Asian quota.

At the 2023 Korea Volleyball Federation Women’s Asian Quarter Draft held at the Stanford Hotel in Seoul on the 21st, all 7 teams nominated players.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, who received the first choice of nomination, selected Thailand’s national team setter, Phonpun Gerpard, and Hyundai E&C selected Thailand’s outside heater Wipawi Sitong. KGC Ginseng Corporation nominated Indonesia’s apositive spiker, Mega Watty Puttywi, and Korea Expressway Corporation nominated Thailand’s apositive spiker, Tanacha Soksot. Pepper Savings Bank joined hands with MJ Phillips, a middle blocker with dual citizenship in the Philippines and the United States. GS Caltex recruited Indonesia’s outside hitter Medi Yoku, and Heungkuk Life Insurance recruited Japan’s Reina Tokoku.

A total of 23 people participated in this draft. Initially, officials in the women’s department evaluated that there were not many resources to be greedy for recruitment except for about 3-4 people. As a result, there was also a prediction that teams that get the right to be nominated in the second place may not be nominated at all. Breaking these expectations, all seven teams nominated players without exception. Even a federation official said, “It was unexpected.” 스포츠토토

Considering the compensation ($100,000) for an Asian quota player, officials from the women’s club have a common opinion that there is no reason not to recruit them.

An official from a club said, “I couldn’t see them playing in person, but as a result of carefully checking the skills of each player through video, I came to the conclusion that they were comparable to domestic players. It seems that the skills of the players in the Asian Quarter are rather better than the domestic players who receive this salary,” he explained. Another official also said, “After discussing with the coach and coaching staff, they said that my skills were not bad. It was not such a burdensome amount, so I nominated it.”

There is another proof that the skills of the draftees are generally good. It is true that the players that each team tried to nominate were diverse. The team that was in a hurry to setter wanted Ponpun the most, but there are also teams that don’t. KGC Ginseng Corporation or GS Caltex are representative examples. These teams picked the players they originally had in mind.

It is said that Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Marcello Abondanza, who even got the nomination right at the lowest rank, originally put Reina on the recruiting list. Until the 7th pick, Reina was not nominated by any other club. The level of the participants can be measured in that it is not only a few players who have received attention.

The players selected this time are expected to be active on the V-League stage next season. IBK Industrial Bank of Korea director Kim Ho-cheol has already picked Phonpun as a starter, and Hyundai Construction manager Kang Seong-hyeong also classifies Wipawi as a starter. Although circumstances may be slightly different for each team, it is expected that an atmosphere that will instill tension in domestic players will be created.

If the Asian quota system is well established, it is expected that the bubble phenomenon that is deepening in the V-League will be cleared to some extent. Currently, the V-League is struggling with excessive annual salaries compared to the level of the league or the size of the market. If Asian quarter players with good cost-effectiveness settle down, the club’s player management efficiency can increase. In addition, the level of the entire league can be raised and it can be fun to watch.

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