“Continued to overlap” Injury Samsung cries from evil spirits, even the reserve power is injured in the second group

The Samsung Lions is an injury ward.

Samsung is suffering from the evil spirit of injury even before the start of the season. During the camp, Kim Ji-chan and Hwang Dong-jae were out due to injuries. From the demonstration game to the opening day, injured people came out one after another. Kim Hyun-joon (shaft bone fracture), Kim Jae-seong (abductor muscle injury), Kim Tae-hoon (ankle ligament), Kim Tae-gun (acute hepatitis), and Kim Dong-yeop (left quadriceps muscle) left in turn. 메이저놀이터

In particular, it is difficult to make a starting lineup because injuries are concentrated on the fielder.

With so many injured players and a long losing streak, the mood of the team has subsided a lot. After much deliberation, manager Park Jin-man decided to renew the atmosphere by changing the entry.

On the 24th, infielders Kim Ho-jae and An Joo-hyung, and outfielder Song Joon-seok were canceled, and infielders Kim Young-woong, Kim Jae-sang, and Jo Min-seong were called up that day.

Head coach Park Jin-man said, “After a series of defeats in Gwangju and coming to Daegu, we decided to change the atmosphere because we decided to change the atmosphere. I hope that the joining of young players will create an active team atmosphere.”

If so, when can the key players come up?

Among them, catcher Kim Jae-seong is said to be recovering faster than expected.

However, the news of the injury of the reserve force to return came again. Kang Han-wool, who was down with the Futures due to poor batting, suffered a wrist injury.

Kang Han-ul played an active part in 12 demonstration games with a batting average of 0.333, 12 hits, 1 home run and 3 RBIs.

However, after the opening, it suddenly went downhill. He went down to the second team in the last 12 days with a batting average of 0.087 and only 2 hits in 7 games.

He is a resource expected to be able to add strength to the batting line if his batting pace increases, but the news of his injury came.

Director Park Jin-man sighed, saying, “This is a situation where this part (injury) continues to overlap.”

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