Conte’s gallbladder removal surgery highly unlikely to return against Manchester City

Tottenham Hotspur must face Manchester City without manager Antonio Conte.

Conte has had his gallbladder removed. Tottenham announced on the official 메이저놀이터 website on the 1st (Korean time), “Director Conte has recently been feeling uncomfortable due to severe abdominal pain. He was diagnosed with cholecystitis and will undergo surgery to remove his gallbladder and return after a recovery period.” .

Cholecystitis is mainly caused by gallstones in the gallbladder and is accompanied by strong abdominal pain. It is rare to proceed to surgery immediately after symptoms occur, but it is common to perform gallbladder removal surgery when the pain improves to fundamentally prevent recurrence. Conte’s case is presumed to be the same.

It is also a disease that requires a period of recovery. When cholecystitis occurs, fasting is maintained and painkillers and antibiotics are continuously administered. In particular, because coach Conte has completed surgery, the recovery period is expected to be even longer.

The match against Man City is also uncertain. Tottenham will play a Premier League match against Man City at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England at 1:30 am on the 6th.

It is an important match for Tottenham. Tottenham must win this game to continue competing for the top four to advance to the Champions League. Although they lost 2-4 to Man City in the last game, they have recently continued a strong trend, and since it is a home game, they can aim for a turnaround.

However, it is known that Conte’s chances of returning to Manchester City are very low. Reporter Dan Kilpatrick, who specializes in news from Tottenham in England’s ‘Evening Standard’, said on the 2nd, “Coach Conte is still recovering in Italy after surgery, and it is very unlikely that he will stand on the touchline in the game against Man City.” Head coach Christian Stellini was expected to take the helm.

Depending on the road, it may appear in the stadium. Reporter Kilpatrick reported “Conte confirmed Wednesday night that surgery was a success. He’s unlikely to take the manager’s seat, but there’s hope he’ll recover enough to be on the field.”

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