Construction of Korea University Sejong Campus International Standard Complex Sports Complex begins… open to residents

On the 12th, Korea University Sejong Campus held a groundbreaking ceremony for a sports complex capable of hosting international sports events on campus, and construction began in earnest.

The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Kim Jae-ho, Chairman of the Korea Central Academy, Korea University President Kim Dong-won, Korea University Sejong Vice-President Kim Young, Sejong Mayor Choi Min-ho, and Sejong City Council Chairman Sang Byeong-heon. 메이저놀이터

By August, 4.38 billion won will be invested in the construction of the Sejong Campus Complex Sports Complex, which consists of a large sports field and a general sports field. The area is 33,624 square meters.

An international standard soccer field for both rugby and baseball is built in the main playground, and basketball courts (3 sides) and tennis courts (5 sides) are created in the general playground.

In particular, the complex playground will be used for student classes and residents’ sports facilities as well as hosting various international sports events, such as the Summer World University Games held in August 2027 in Sejong and four other cities and provinces in the Chungcheong region.

Dong-won Kim, president of Korea University, said, “If the sports complex is completed, it will not only enhance students’ class competitiveness, but it will also greatly help improve the quality of life for residents of Jochiwon-eup.” said.

Korea University Sejong Campus and Sejong City signed a business agreement in March of last year to build a local cultural and sports infrastructure through the creation of a sports complex and to establish regional sharing through joint use by the public, private, and academic sectors.

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