Byun Sang-il completes 6-game sweep of Go League’s ‘top ace’… Shin Dong-seo is second

Byun Sang-il (pictured) was named the “Best Ace” of the Go League regular season, which ended on Monday. He appeared in a total of six ace-deciding games and was undefeated. 40 percent of his 15 wins (7 losses) came in ace deciding games.메이저놀이터

The Ace Decider was introduced for the first time this year, with one player from each team playing to decide the game if the team score is tied at 2-2. Of the 96 regular-season matches, 43 (44.8%) went to five games. Ace deciding games dominated the regular season.

Jung Kwan Jang Cheon Nok led the Sudam League throughout the season with the best record in ace deciding games (7 wins), including six wins from Byun Sang-il and one win from Kim Jung-hyun. Shin Shin-seo (Kicks) was the regular season wins leader (20-2), but ranked second in ace deciding games (5-1).

The six surviving teams from the 12-team field, including Jeonggwan Jangcheon Green Sulyehan Hapcheon Ulsan Goryeo Zinc (Sang Soo-dam) and Korea Price Information Celltrion Goryeo Zinc (Sang Nanga), will enter the playoffs on Nov. 25. The team championship prize is 250 million won.

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