Burning 56.5 billion won per person?…PL, Agent already has ‘Super League’

The Premier League is the best super league in existence. 

I burned more than 500 billion won in one year with agent fees alone.

British media The Sun on the 1st (Korean time) revealed the total amount of fees paid to agents by the Premier League through the transfer market from February 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023.  토토사이트

The English Football Association released the data and once again proved that the Premier League is the world’s most profitable ‘Super League’. This data includes transfers and loans during the transfer market, as well as contract renewals and new player registrations. 

Number one is definitely Manchester City. Manchester City paid 51.6 million pounds (about 83.3 billion won) to the agent, of which 35 million pounds (about 56.5 billion won) was paid to Erling Hollan’s agent. It is the same as the transfer fee of a tolerable player. 

Second place is Chelsea, which sent a massive transfer window in the January transfer window. Chelsea, who spent a total of 43.1 million pounds (approximately 69.6 billion won) on agents, signed a total of 23 contracts, including Dennis Zaccaria and Joao Felice, under the new owner Todd Boley system. 

Liverpool spent 33.69 million pounds (approximately 54.4 billion won) and Manchester United spent 24.72 million pounds (approximately 39.9 billion won) in agent fees. 

Subsequently, Arsenal paid 16.74 million pounds (about 27 billion won) and Tottenham Hotspur paid 16.13 million pounds (about 26 billion won) to the agent. 

The total agent fee paid by the Premier League is £318.21 million (approximately 513.9 billion won). 

The Premier League recorded a whopping 3.08 billion euros (approximately 4.3741 trillion won) in the transfer market twice in the 2022/23 season, twice the 832.27 million euros (approximately 1.1819 trillion won) of second-place Italian Serie A. showed a greater disparity.  

Serie A, French Ligue 1, and German Bundesliga all transferred, except for the Premier League’s transfer market operating profit of 2,070.1 million euros (approximately 2,939.8 billion won) and La Liga alone recording a deficit of 47.67 million euros (approximately 67.6 billion won). The market recorded a surplus.

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