Build up your stamina and break the flow… Leaderboard shaken by spring rain

The spring rain, which disrupted the three-game series of pro baseball last weekend, has emerged as a new variable in the ranking battle in May. It is true that each team saved their stamina during the long-awaited break, but the effect on the game sense and momentum cannot be ignored.

The Lotte Giants did not hate this rain. The winning streak that started last month ended with a loss against the KIA Tigers on the 3rd, but four games were canceled due to rain from the next day. Ace Na Kyun-ahn, who was a ray of light in the starting lineup, collapsed for the first time this season, and the atmosphere could have been dampened. Instead, thanks to the rain that fell at the right time, they bought time to regroup.

The bullpen team, which had been running tirelessly during the winning streak, finally took a breath. Until then, as the starting pitcher’s early steel plate was repeated, Pil Seung-jo had to go to the mound every day. From the 20th of last month to the 2nd of this month, he won 9 consecutive victories, but only one game was finished with less than three pitchers, including starting pitchers. During this period, Kim Sang-soo and Kim Won-joong started 7 games each, and Kim Jin-wook and Koo Seung-min started 6 games each. The five-day break leading up to this day was the reason why it was more welcome than ever.

The break was a good thing for the NC Dinos, the ‘Nakdong River Rivals’. The game was in danger of being swept by the LG Twins on the 2nd and 3rd, but the game was canceled on Thursday due to rain, and the three-game series against the KIA Tigers, which has recently been on the rise, was also avoided. Instead, on the 9th, he met with KT Wiz in the injured ward and was able to seek a reversal of the atmosphere. Finisher Lee Yong-chan gained a few days more time to adjust his condition in the 2nd team.

Kiwoom Heroes, who are also struggling, had the roof of Gocheok Dome. As it is the only home stadium of the 10 teams that is not affected by the weather, the 3 consecutive games went smoothly, but it was time to meet SSG Landers, the leading team with good momentum. In the end, even though they struggled, they took 3 losses. Particularly painful was the fact that the team was unable to break a losing streak despite the two best one-two punches in the league, An Woo-jin and Eric Yokishi.토토사이트

Doosan Bears and KT, which show no signs of rebounding, also added losses in the last game of the three-game series. Doosan lost native ace Kwak Bin due to a back injury, and KT, which had already taken off cars and vehicles, fell to Hanwha’s last sacrifice.

On the other hand, there were those who felt sorry for the flow that was interrupted by the rain. KIA Tigers did that. In the midst of raising the stock price in the midst of winning 8 wins and 2 losses in the last 10 games, an unexpected stop signal was received. Moreover, in the three-week series starting on the 9th, we faced SSG’s strong starting lineup, starting with Kim Gwang-hyun.

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