beat Malaysia… Korean badminton, ‘champion hunting’ in 6 years

Ace Ahn Se-young gained momentum, and men’s doubles won a surprising victory. Our national team defeated Malaysia in the national badminton team competition and reached the final. The national team aims for the top tomorrow (21st) after 6 years.

This is reporter Choi Ha-eun.


< Seo Seung-jae · Chae Yoo-jeong 2:1 Chen Tang Jie · Toi Wei│World Mixed Team Championship Semifinals > The

first game of 5 team games, mixed doubles.

When the first set was taken to Malaysia, Seung-jae Seo also took off his back protector.

He shook opponents who had been holding out with solid defense little by little, and pulled out mistakes to win two sets in a row.

He clenched his fists and cheered for his first win.

However, as the men’s singles lost 0-2, the match came to an original point.

It was national team ace Ahn Se-young who brought the atmosphere.

< Ahn Se-young 2:0 Lechana│World Mixed Team Championships Semifinal >

Malaysia took out the 19-year-old world No. 71 Rechana as a surprise card, but world No. 2 Sei-Young Ahn was not shaken.

On an unexpected course, the opponent hit the butt.

They roared and defeated the opponent in 32 minutes, turning round and returning the ball, and exquisitely blocking diagonal attacks.

[Ahn Se-young/Badminton National Team: I was embarrassed when another player came out, but I don’t think much about it because I think it will help the team when I play badminton that I want to do.]

< Kim Won-ho · Na Seong-seung 2:0 Aaron Chia · So-ui│World Mixed Team Championships Semifinal >

Ahn Se-young’s momentum continued into men’s doubles.

The pair, Kim Won-ho and Na Seong-seung, ranked 803rd in the world, not long after they teamed up.카지노사이트

The opponent was the second strongest player in the world, but after confirming their advance to the final without dropping a single set, they held a delightful ceremony.

[Kim Won-ho Na Seong-seung/Badminton National Team: I think we can win enough if we trust me and Won-ho and play our games… ]

The national team, which is aiming for the top spot in six years, competes with the winner of this evening’s match between China and Japan for the trophy tomorrow.

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