Australia to host warm-up matches ahead of World Cup

‘Boomer’ Australia starts quenching in their country ahead of the 2023 Basketball World Cup.

According to 『』, Australia will play a warm-up match in Melbourne in mid-August ahead of the World Cup.

Australia invites Brazil, South Sudan and Venezuela to the World Cup this time. Four teams will play each country over four days. As Australia is close to Southeast Asia, the host country of the World Cup, it is a perfect place for off-season training and evaluation matches.

This evaluation match will be played between Brazil and South Sudan and Australia and Venezuela on August 14 (Korean time). On the 16th, Venezuela and South Sudan, Australia and Brazil clash. On the final day, the 17th, Venezuela and Brazil, Australia and South Sudan face each other.

Venezuela will have its first warm-up in France before heading to Australia. Tunisia, Argentina, Lithuania and Montenegro join Venezuela to check breathing in France. then move to Australia. Venezuela is drawn in Group F with Slovenia, Cape Verde and Georgia in the first round of the World Cup finals. We have to aim for second place in the group, and if we go up to the second round, we can meet Australia.

South Sudan is entering the World Cup for the first time since secession from Sudan. The Royal Ivy coach, who has experience as a player in the NBA, is holding the baton. Most of the players are playing in Europe, including Australia. In Group B of the first round of the finals, they are drawn with Serbia, China and Puerto Rico. Realistically, it is not easy to advance to the second round, but it is worth competing for the second place.먹튀검증

Australia are placed in Group E of the first round of the finals, along with Germany, Finland and Japan. It is expected that he will easily take first place in the group. It is also easy to form a group for the second round. If you pass the first round, you will face the countries that went through Group F. For reference, there is no clear strong team besides Slovenia in Group F. Australia has the conditions to go beyond the second round of the finals and advance to the finals.

Brazil competes against Iran, Spain and Côte d’Ivoire to advance to the second round in Group G of the first round of the finals. While the Spaniards are expected to easily keep first place in the group, Brazil is predicted to take the second place. However, in the second round, it is expected to face France and Canada, who are in Group H. Canada’s strength is key, but it’s not easy to aim for the finals.

Meanwhile, Melbourne is the home of the Australian League (NBL), and Melbourne United has an ointment. Melbourne recently signed Australia’s proudest NBA player, Matthew Delavedova. Dellavedova is certain to go to this World Cup. Following the recruitment of Delavedova, it was announced that it was Australia’s representative basketball city by holding an evaluation match.

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