As New Year’s Approaches, College Football Bowl Betting Heats Up

The end of 2012 will signal a lot of different things for people across the US. For sports gamblers, the last few days of 2012 will mean a last chance to place a college football bet before the new year.

Las Vegas is always a popular place for vacationers to spend New Year’s Eve, and this year will be no different. With many of the casinos and sports books along the Las Vegas Strip continuing their recovery from the economic recession, the last few days of 2012 will be spent not only reflecting on the past, but looking forward to the future.

Gamblers take special joy in the end of each year, as it means that the college football season is moving closer to their national championship game. In 2013, gamblers will be treated to a game that includes two of the most storied programs in all of sports, Notre Dame and Alabama. 토토

The Crimson Tide are 10 point betting favorites in that game, but before bettors get to the title game, there are a plethora of bowl games over the next week. Tonight, Texas Tech will face off with Minnesota. The Red Raiders are a 13 point favorite.

On Saturday, five bowl games will take place. The largest favorite on the Saturday schedule will be Arizona State, favored by two touchdowns over Navy. Air Force and Rice, and TCU and Michigan State, have the same betting line of 2.5, with Air Force and TCU as favorites. Oregon State is a three point favorite over Texas, and West Virginia and Syracuse fill out the Saturday schedule. The Mountaineers are 3.5 point favorites in the game.

The highlight of the weekend for many college football fans will be Monday evening, when Clemson and LSU square off in a New Year’s Eve showdown. The SEC’s Tigers are favored by six. The game will feature LSU’s stout defense versus Clemson’s high-flying offense.

One New Year’s Day, the traditional Rose Bowl game will be played between Wisconsin and Stanford. The Cardinal are a 6.5 point favorite. New Year’s Night has an Orange Bowl match-up of Northern Illinois and Florida State. The Seminoles are 13 point favorites in Miami.

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