Are you interested in PSG Kim Min-jae? “Free recruitment of Shkriniar”

Sky Sports Italia reported on the 29th (Korean time), “Paris Saint-Germain have agreed to sign Inter Milan defender Milan Skriniar for free in the upcoming summer transfer window.”

Skriniar’s contract with Inter Milan ends in June.

Inter Milan wants to renew the contract, but there is no progress, s메이저사이트 o the observation that he will leave the club on a free contract is dominant.

Paris Saint-Germain are considering bringing Skriniar right away to the transfer market this winter without waiting until summer. Sky Sports Italia explained, “Paris Saint-Germain were turned down for a transfer fee of 10 million euros in the transfer market this winter. Inter Milan want to double the transfer fee.”

On the 27th, reporter Fabio Mandarini of Italy’s Corriel dello Sports reported, “Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United are aiming for Kim Min-jae.”

However, unlike Shkriniar, Kim Min-jae’s contract period is until 2025, and Napoli has a policy to keep Kim Min-jae. The only way to recruit Kim Min-jae is to pay the buyout amount next summer when the buyout clause is activated for foreign clubs. The buyout amount is known to be around 50 million euros.

As reported, if Paris Saint-Germain recruits Shkriniar, who is in the same position, there is a high probability that interest in Kim Min-jae will cease.

Skriniar is regarded as one of the best defenders in the world. According to Transfermarkt as of the 29th, Skriniar is the most expensive defender in Serie A with a market value of 60 million euros (approximately 80 billion won).

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