Ahn Song-i, who gained 3kg in weight, “I have regained my distance, so this year’s goal is to win the major” 

 “The goal is to win a major.”

There is a good reason for Ahn Song-i (33), a 14-year veteran of the tour, to announce his goal for 2023 with a strong voice. This is because she returned from intense training in Vietnam for about two months and gained more confidence.

An Songi’s concern was the shrinking distance. Ahn Song-i, who did not have an excellent physique, has gradually reduced his distance since he entered his 30s. His average drive shot distance, which was 244 yards in 2019, has dropped by more than 10 yards since 2020 to 230 yards. He had 234 yards last year, followed by 231 yards in 2021.

Courses where KLPGA tour events are held are gradually increasing in distance. Of the 30 competitions held last year, 21 were held on courses over 6,600 yards, and there were 10 courses over 6,700 yards. In women’s professional competitions, if the distance is over 6,600 yards, it belongs to the long side, so if the distance decreases like An Song-i, you have to play under increasingly unfavorable conditions.

As the distance decreased, the competition for the championship gradually moved away.

Songi Ahn, who won his first championship in 10 years of his professional debut at the ADT Caps Championship in 2019, belatedly reached his peak by lifting his second trophy at the 2020 Phantom Classic.

For two years, he showed top-level skills on the tour, but from 2021 he could not properly compete for the title. It fell to 60th in the prize money rankings in 2021, and finished runner-up in the SK Shielders SK Telecom Championship last year, which was held as the final game of the season, and finished in 36th in the prize money rankings, but the number of top 10 was noticeably reduced. In 2019, he placed in the top 10 in eight competitions, but only two last year.

Ahn Song-i, who realized that if she did not recover the reduced distance, she would have no choice but to be farther away from the championship race, focused on increasing the distance throughout the field training. 카지노

Songi Ahn, whom I met at the Suwon CC golf driving range on the 20th, said, “During the off-season training, I did a lot of strength training, doing strength training to strengthen the upper and lower body five times a week for each day of the week, and running training with different intensities every day.” The average distance increased by about 10 yards compared to before leaving the field training with the increase of about 3 kg and the effect of physical training to increase muscle strength. Even after he went to field training, he continues to exercise to maintain his swing and stamina.”

Ahn Song-i, who built solid stamina, was also armed with sophistication. He focused on training to keep the swing trajectory constant for consistent shot control and maintenance of the central axis. This is to compensate for the lack of consistency in shots due to the collapse of the axis of swing due to lack of stamina during the season.

Coach Lee Si-woo, who guides An Song-i, explained the training results, saying, “I recovered the distance that had been reduced through field training and found consistency in my swing, so I expect good results this season.”

Ahn Song-i, who is preparing for the 14th season, has some good news this year. He re-signed with KB Financial Group to continue his 13-year relationship.

It is rare for a player on the KLPGA tour to have a relationship with a sponsor for more than 10 years. Among active players, Ahn Song-i is the main character with the longest relationship.

The KLPGA tour opens its domestic season with the Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open, which will be held at Lotte Skyhill Country Club in Jeju from April 6.

Ahn Song-i, who is waiting for the opening with less than two weeks left, said, “I’ve been training a lot for two months, and I’ve seen results that exceed expectations.” I want to repay the sponsors,” he said with strength.

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