A word that awakened ‘Superstar’ Kim Bo-kyung and ‘High School Student’ Jeong Seung-won

It was a question posed by a ‘preliminary star’ in his third year of high school to a ‘superstar’. 2023 after 10 years. The two met again as ‘colleagues’ who ate rice together on a professional team. This is the story of Kim Bo-gyeong (34) and Jeong Seung-won (26) of Suwon Samsung.

Kim Bo-kyung left Jeonbuk Hyundai ahead of the 2023 season and made a new nest in Suwon. In a recent interview with Sports Chosun, he said, “There were only two or three players I knew in Suwon. One of them was (Jeong) Seung-won.”

The relationship between the two goes back 10 years. Kim Bo-kyung said, “I met Seung-won at a rehabilitation center. At that time, I gave a comment that would change Seung-won’s life. (Thanks to him) I wonder if Seung-won could be a better soccer player. ‘. It’s not a story I made up. I was a bit handsome even then. I’m watching a lot to see if I’ll take a lot of shares in ‘KBK (video channel run by Kim Bo-kyung)’ this year.” 먹튀검증

Kim Bo-kyung has experienced major competitions such as the 2012 London Olympics and the 2014 Brazil World Cup. At the time, he was active in Europe after passing through the J-League in Japan. What kind of advice did Kim Bo-kyung give Jeong Seung-won?

Jeong Seung-won recalled the past, saying, “I was rehabilitated at a rehabilitation center when I was in high school. That was before I went pro. Kim Bo-kyung, ‘Player’, came right away. I think he was playing for Cardiff City. It was amazing.”

He said, “We tried to talk a lot because we worked out together. “It’s a square.” At that time, I was in my third year of high school, so I didn’t know what it meant. They said there was no answer, so I tried to work harder. Seeing the famous player in person, I felt that I had to work harder and follow him. The word “square” was difficult at that time. I have good memories. I thought I wanted to play soccer together, but it’s an honor,” he laughed.

Kim Bo-kyung and Jung Seung-won now play together for Suwon’s ‘restoration of honor’. Suwon fell to the promotion playoffs for the first time last year. Kim Bo-kyung, a ‘transfer student’, said, “I know that Suwon fans and teammates expect a lot from me. I think I have to show them everything they expect. My goal every season is to score 7 or more goals. The team’s goal is Final A and Asia. It is to advance to the Champions League (ACL). That is also my goal.” Jeong Seung-won also said, “If possible, I want to go up to the Final A. I want to go to the ACL. My personal goal is to score a lot of points. I think you can look forward to it when the season starts.”

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