A task set by Park Seung-jae of Dongguk University, “Distinguishing between when to do and when to give”

′′ you have to distinguish when you have to do it and when you have to give it ′′

Dongguk University is recording 1 wins and 5 losses in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League. Tied with Sangmyung University for 10th place. Considering the position that Dongguk University has built in the university league, Dongguk University’s 2023 year is below expectations so far.

Lee Ho-geun, head coach of Dongguk University, said, “Outside offense has fallen. Also, players who could throw were hurt. Because of this, the team’s score seems to have dropped by more than 10 points.”

Still, there are people who have done their part. Park Seung-jae (180cm, G). He recorded 10.67 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds and 1.6 steals per game. He fulfilled his duties as a captain and field commander.

However, Park Seung-jae said, “Even when I won my first win, there were many things I lacked. The shooter’s absence and the rebound battle were like that. He practiced those points, but he couldn’t make up for what he lacked in the next game. That led to defeat,” he said, thinking of the team’s sluggishness first.

He continued, “I have to start with the basics, but I hope the outer resources will have confidence. I also have to actively dig into the rim, not just run the game. Even if I face a lot of checks, I have to break through more aggressively. That way, other players can attack comfortably.” 메이저놀이터

Of course, Dongguk University has good things. It was a seesaw match with most of the teams. Also, Dongguk University’s defense and paint zone competitiveness did not fall short compared to other competing schools. Park Seung-jae also recalled the team’s strengths, saying, “The high-low game between the big men went well, and the pick-and-roll of the ball handler and screener went well.”

But “don’t rely on what went well. When that happens, the big men can tire quickly. So, outside resources, including me, have to do more,” he urged outside resources to exert themselves.

Even if Dongguk University’s grades are not good, the difference between Dongguk University and the upper middle class is not large. You can always get into the 8th place, the last line of the playoffs.

Park Seung-jae also said, “Even though my grades are not good right now, I don’t want to drop here. I want to contribute to the playoffs by thinking about what to do in the future.”

After that, “After I became a senior, I was able to fully digest the position of No. 1. So, there is a side that only cares about the operation. As a result, there were many times when I couldn’t see my attack or shoot at my chance. I have to distinguish between the timing I need to attack and the timing I need to give,” he said, setting his own task.

Knowing when to attack, knowing when to give. It is a concern for all players who have or are transitioning from shooting guard to point guard. It is easy to turn into words, but difficult in practice. It’s because of the habits and behaviors I’ve done before, and the standard of value judgment.

However, if you look at the guards who are successful in the KBL, they are aggressive but flexible. Score your own points, but save your teammates. That’s how you create synergy with your teammates. Park Seung-jae also knows this, so he said, “You have to distinguish between when to give and when to give.”

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