A shot showdown between top rankers from the first day… The DIO Implant LA Open, which will be held like a major class

4 out of the top 5 in the world will compete at once. Watch the Dio Implant LA Open this week for some of the best plays from the world’s top rankers in women’s golf.

The DIO Implant LA Open will be held at the Palos Verdes Golf Club (par 71) in Palos Verdes Estates, California, USA for four days from the 31st (Korean time). A total of 144 players participate in this tournament, which attracts more attention as many of the world’s top rankers in women’s golf participate. Four out of the world’s top five contested the challenge: Lydia Ko (New Zealand), Nellie Koda (USA), Ko Jin-young (3rd), and Ataya Titikkun (Thailand) (4th). If you add world number 9 Jeon Inji and 10th place Kim Hyo-joo, 6 out of the top 10 players in the world will participate in the DIO Implant LA Open. 카지노

Last year, this competition was held around the end of April. However, this year it has been moved to late March or early April. At the same time, the attention of the competition increased even more. Last year, the first major tournament of the season, the Chevron Championship, was followed by the Dio Implant LA Open. However, this season, it will be played as one of the American West regional series before the Chevron Championship. It was an opportunity for top rankers to check their shots ahead of the Chevron Championship.

In addition, according to the women’s golf world ranking announced after the DIO Implant LA Open, the player who will participate in the Hanwha Life Plus International Crown, a national competition to be held in early May, will be confirmed. For players competing in and out of the cut line, such as Korea and the United States, performance at the Dio Implant LA Open is very important.

From the first day of the tournament, the interesting grouping is also noticeable. From the first day, Ko Jin-young and Lydia Ko were put together in a group and competed against each other. Also, Nellie Koda and Ataya Titikkun are also in the same group and play from the first day. The shot match between the world’s top rankers will be broadcast throughout the tournament on JTBC Golf. The first round of the tournament will be broadcast live from 7:30 am on the 31st.

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