A new start in Korea’ Ataru, “I will play for the second consecutive victory in Ulsan, the Korean soccer I was curious about”

I will play for the 2nd consecutive victory in Ulsan, the Korean soccer I was curious about”. 

Ulsan Hyundai’s new Asia Quarter Esaka Ataru challenged Korean football.

Ataru, who is participating in Portugal’s field training in Ulsan, said, “I was curious about Korean soccer, so I decided to take on the challenge. Rather than thinking of a special reason, he joined Ulsan because he wanted to experience Korean soccer and make good results.”

Ataru is an attacking resource that stood out early by winning the top scorer for two consecutive years in the 2013 and 2014 Japanese University Football Championships.

Upon graduating from college in 2015, he joined The Spa Kusatsu Gunma of the J2 League. After a successful soft landing with 13 goals and 3 assists in 42 league games in his debut season, Ataru moved to J1 League Omiya Ardija the following year. He scored 8 goals and 2 assists in 31 games in his first season in the top division.

After scoring 15 goals and 3 assists in two seasons at Omiya, 메이저사이트 he proved his leadership by wearing the captain’s armband in the 2017 season. Following this, he moved to Kashiwa Rei solo and appeared in 119 league games over four seasons.

Although Kashiwa was relegated to the second division in the 2018 season, Esaka contributed greatly to the team’s return to the first division by posting 11 goals and 6 assists in 38 league games in the 2019 season. In March of last year, he even boarded the Japan A national team.

Esaka, who moved to the long-established Urawa Reds in the summer of last year, played 40 matches in league and cup competitions this year, playing an active role as the main attacking midfielder.

Regarding his strengths, Ataru said, “I think my strengths are passing and direct shooting. In the match with the Brentford B team, the coach said to focus on the pass connection in the second line,” he explained. He showed a sharp breakthrough against the Brentford B team and added strength to the attacking line.

He was also familiar with director Hong Myung-bo. He knew him well, especially since he played for Kashiwa Reysol. He said, “I even know that Kashiwa made a claim. He found it special when he had a conversation. In particular, it was a short time, but as a result of watching in Ulsan, I thought it was really great when I saw the players respecting the coach.”

In addition, Ataru said, “It hasn’t been long since I came to Korea. He is learning about Korea,” he said. “It is difficult to say that he has a calm personality. However, I am working hard to adapt quickly,” he explained that he would adapt quickly. 

On the other hand, Ataru said, “I joined for Ulsan’s two consecutive championships. Contributing to Ulsan is my goal and the role given to me,” he said. “I want to give advice to young players other than football.

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