‘2023 Youth Yanggu Middle School First Grade Football Festival’ successfully concludes first day

The 2023 Youth Yanggu Middle School First Grade Football Festival, which kicked off in Yanggu, Gangwon Province, on 3 March to improve the performance of middle school football players, successfully completed its first day of matches. The tournament will continue until the 6th.

The ‘2023 Youth Yanggu Middle School First Year Football Festival’ was organised as a mix of 9-a-side and 11-a-side games, taking into account the enrolment status of first-year middle school players in each team. There were 13 teams in the 9-a-side and 16 teams in the 11-a-side. The 9-a-side games were played on two separate pitches at the Yanggu Sports Complex, while the 11-a-side games were played on the Yanggu B and C pitches. A total of 14 games were played on the first day, including six 9-a-side games and eight 11-a-side games. Lee Hyun-seo of Icheon Middle School and 13 others were selected as the MVPs of the tournament, and were given gift certificates to Yanggu to revitalise the local economy.토토사이트

The festival also attracted attention with events that players, coaches, and parents could participate in. Through many events and giveaways, such as the McCall Team Header Challenge and the Baronabae Ball Lifting Festival, everyone who participated in the festival was able to spend a happy time in the East Sea through the medium of football. Lee Ju-hyung, president of the Yanggu County Football Association, said, “It is very significant that we held a football tournament in Yanggu through this festival. The success of the festival has opened up the possibility of expanding and implementing not only secondary schools but also other departments in the future.”

The tournament is jointly organised and hosted by the Yanggu County Football Association and Ribbon Corporation Lab, and sponsored by Yanggu County, Yanggu County Sports Foundation, Yanggu County Sports Association, Gangwon Province Football Association, HD Hyundai Oil Bank, Ilhwa, Varona, Shinsung Delta Tech, SportsTribe, and Pocheon Ginseng Farming Association. In keeping with the spirit of the festival, various giveaways and events will be supported in addition to the matches. In addition, the festival runs an ESG programme that donates all the gate receipts raised through sweepstakes as scholarships to the local community in Yanggu County.

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