2 Major Tips To Winning Scratch Off Games

This past week has been frenzy in terms of lottery news. With $640 million on the line, people came out in droves to purchase a lottery ticket, and try to win. Millions purchased upwards of thousands of dollars in tickets, and guess what? Many of them were turned away when the numbers came out. If you didn’t win, you’re not alone; you have plenty of company, as you’re not alone. Millions of people have given up on picking random numbers, but that has opened the door for something better. There is a better way to make money with lottery systems, and that’s with finding and utilizing scratch off games. The scratchers that you can take advantage of range from low odds to high winning odds and it all depends on which one you purchase. There are millions of tips out there, but the following are going to help you big time, so pay attention to the following 2 major tips to winning big with scratch offs. 메이저사이트

Watch Out For Scams – There are some retailers that have clerks that do not push the game in an honest fashion. In fact, some cycle through the tickets and pick out the winners and losers and only sell the losers to people. Spotting this is very important, and can be done by simply watching the store clerk you’re talking to and looking at where he’s giving you tickets from. If they are ripping tickets from the roll in front of you, you can trust them. Once you build a friendship, you’ll be able to learn something grand, because they have insider information. This will take some time, but watch out for scams, and watch out for friendly retailers. Scams are going to make it difficult to win, so be careful, even if you’re approached by someone that claims they won and can’t cash in, promising to split the payment for a price. Scams abound, no matter where you go, stay alert.

Prizes Gone – The second tip that you need to look into is whether or not the jackpots have been claimed. Monitor your local lottery website and look to see if anyone has claimed the bigger jackpots in terms of scratchers. Some tickets payout upwards of 1 million dollars, and once that ticket has been scratched, no one else will win big. The retailers will still sell tickets, trying to get rid of the existing pile, but they won’t garner big money. In order to ensure that your chances are the same as someone else, make sure that you investigate whether or not the big prize has been won.

The above two tips are going to help you make the right move when considering scratch off games. They will keep you safe from scams, and will help you swing the odds back towards you.

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