‘164km bang! KKKKKKKK Show’ Sasaki was intense… Hot fight on father’s day

 Sasaki Rocky (22, Chiba Lotte Marines) left a strong impression in his World Baseball Classic (WBC) debut match by throwing a fastball of up to 164 km.

Sasaki started the match against the Czech Republic in the first round of the 2023 WBC group stage held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on the 11th, and played 3⅔ innings, 2 hits, 2 walks, 8 strikeouts and 1 run (unearned). 온라인바카라

It was the 12th anniversary of the loss of his father. Sasaki suffered the loss of both his father and grandparents during the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011. He must have had a strong desire to fight hard for his father, who would be watching from heaven.

Sasaki threw a fastball at 101.1 miles per hour (163 km) from the start and overpowered the Czech line-up. In the top of the first inning, lead hitter Wojtech Menshik was treated as a fly ball to right field, and Eric Sogard struck out on a swing to make it 2nd. Then, Marek Hloup hit Sasaki’s 101.9 mile (164 km) sinker and hit a double to left field. Sasaki calmly induced Martin Chervenka to ground the shortstop, but shortstop Takumu Nagano threw a bad throw to first base and lost a run, leading to a 0-1 lead. Sasaki ended the inning with difficulty, striking out the next batter, Matei Menshik, on a swing.

After passing a hurdle, I did not lose a point and endured well. In the top of the second inning, he gave up a walk to Philippe Smola after two outs, but ended the inning by returning Akuf Heitmar to a grounder in front of the pitcher. In the top of the 3rd inning, he gave up a hit and a walk after a run, but stopped the flow without allowing a follow-up hit. Then, the other line supported 3 runs in the bottom of the 3rd inning and gave them a 3-1 lead.

Sasaki finished the day’s mission by sending William Escala to the sand dune after one shot in the top of the fourth inning and striking out Philippe Smalla with a swinging miss. Because he exceeded the pitch limit of 65. The changed pitcher, Udagawa Yuki, struck out Heitmar on a swing and finished the mound without giving up any additional runs.

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