’14 shortstop’ Andrus transforms into White Sox second baseman

Elvis Andrus (35), who served as a shortstop for 14 years in the Major League Baseball (MLB), will transform into a second baseman for the Chicago White Sox this season.

The White Sox announced on the 21st (Korean time) that they had signed a one-year contract with Andrus for $3 million (approximately 3.9 billion won). A native of Venezuela, Andrus made his big league debut in 2009 in a Texas uniform. He once served as a table setter with Texas leadoff Choo Shin-soo. After being traded to Oakland in 2021, he showed extreme sluggishness and was released in the second half of last season. He rebounded with a new nest for the White Sox, who needed shortstop resources.토토사이트

Last year in Oakland, he had a batting average of 0.237, 8 homers and 30 RBIs in 106 games. After he moved to the White Sox, he batted .271 with 9 homers and 28 RBIs in 43 games.

Andrus, who played in a total of 1947 games in 14 big league seasons, digested 1914 games only as a shortstop. However, as White Sox starting shortstop Tim Anderson, who suffered a finger injury last year, is scheduled to return, Andrus’ position has become unclear. MLB.com said, “White Sox general manager Rick Hahn confirmed that Andrus will change his position to second baseman and will serve as Anderson’s backup.”

It is expected that the fielding range of the second baseman will be much larger as a new rule prohibiting defensive shifts has been established in the major leagues for the new season. MLB.com said, “I feel like Andrus already has experience at second base, because he made 8-9 double plays from second base last year due to a noticeable shift.”

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